Pictures of Shadowbrook Health Care

Amenities at Shadowbrook Health Care

We provide comfortable and attractive rooms that lend themselves well to individual personalization. Each has restroom accommodations, television and phone hook-ups.

Also provided are arts and crafts/activity room, a television and entertainment room, and patio access from each room conveniently located for relaxing and receiving guests.

The Registered Dietician on our staff expertly considers specific diets, personal preference and above all, nutritional values to create menus that provide a wide variety of distinctive meals, tastefully prepared and served in the residents dining location of choice. We have an attractively decorated dining room; or if the resident wishes they may dine in their room or the room of a friend.

Sample Menus:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Scrambled Eggs
Sausage Links
Wheat Toast
Orange Juice
Coffee or Tea
Spaghetti with Meatballs
Tossed Salad
French Bread
Coffee or Tea
Pork Ribs
Parsley Potatoes
Green Beans
Cherry Cobbler
Coffee or Tea

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